Saturday, June 4, 2016

Smoky Mountains Day 2

 On day two, we started off on the Roaring Forks Motorway.  
 We got an earlier start today.  The hike was shorter and the boys (Ethan) were much happier today.
 Unlike the Abram's Falls hike, this hike was all up hill to the falls.  We stopped a few times.  The boys thought this tree would be a perfect place to hide a hidden immunity idol.  
 This hike was so pretty.  I could have stopped to take pictures all day!
 You had to be very cautious when walking.  Lots of roots today! 
 I loved that they could walk behind this fall.   Once again, there were SOOOO many people.  I am perched on a wet boulder with about 50 people behind me waiting to take a picture of their loved one!
 I turned around and was back on the path. The guys had to cross HUGE boulders to get back to the trail.  They all had fun doing that scary task.  
 The boys and I loved that the return trip was downhill.  Poor Nate does not do well going down.
 They enjoyed this hike much more today. 
The drive back was gorgeous!  

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