Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 1 of Summer Vacation

 Last Tuesday we left Germany and headed back to the USA!!!!
We had a few bags.  
 We spent three days in Pennsylvania visiting Nate's family.  
I think I was so jet lagged that I forgot to take any pictures!
We drove a full day and stopped at Mammoth Cave.  For MONTHS, Lincoln has been talking about going to the cave.  We arrived, and all the tours for the day and the following morning were booked!  Oops!
 It worked to our advantage though.  We drove 12 hours the next day and made it to Dallas a day early.  The boys were thrilled to spend the day in the pool at Granny's. 
 We lubed Ethan up with sunscreen twice but his white legs still burned.  
Lincoln must be part fish!  He is swimming laps and diving already!
Our first week has been a success!  One more week to go!

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