Monday, June 1, 2015

Last Day of School

Today was the fellas last day of school.
We had plans to take LOTS of pictures today so they could remember what their school looked like, but it RAINED all day!  We got these two pictures at the very end of the day.
 Nate and I came up to school about 2:00 to give the boys treats for their class.  School goes until June 12th, so they were still working hard.  As Nate and I arrived in Ethan's class, we noticed he had a microphone and was at the smartboard.  Mr. Conrad told us he was teaching a lesson on the Battle of Bunker Hill.  He said he had been going for 45 minutes and the class was still engaged!
 At one point, he stopped and told the class that they needed to quieten down and they DID!
 We also received his report card!  ALL A's all year!  
 Ethan has LOVED his fifth grade year and Mr. Conrad made this year so fun and special for him!
I am still in denial that this kid is going to middle school next year!  
 We popped over to Lincoln's class and he was also center stage!  We saw this on the smartboard.  
 Everyone in his class wrote him a letter!  Then, they presented them to him.  
He wrote one for the class.  It was so sweet!
 Since this is such a transient school, the office gives out memory books when the kids PCS.  Ethan and Lincoln were able to get their friends to sign their books.  
 This class is AMAZING!!!  I was able to volunteer anytime I wanted!  I really got to know and LOVE these kids!  Lincoln is taking the move a little harder than Ethan and I really think it is because this class is so special.
Mrs. Richardson has been PERFECT for this kid!  She truly gets him!  We have had no behavior issues, great grades, and a kid that wants to go to school!  Who could ask for more!

Of course, we had to end the day by stopping off at Hudnall and Hall's room!  These two ladies have become more than teachers to our family!  They are lifelong friends!  As we were leaving, Hudnall says to Link, "I can't wait to see what you will be like at 18!"  
Our whole family will miss KES!!!  Go Mustangs!

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