Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sunday Skiing

 We had so much fun on Saturday skiing.  We decided to go back on Sunday and ski some more.  
 We started off at Kiddieland.   
They were doing great, so we took them over to the tow-rope side of the mountain.  
 Nate taught Lincoln for two hours.
 He had so much!  He would get so jealous when Nate would ski with Ethan.
 The weather was amazing.  It was a warm 40 degrees and sunny!
 Ethan picked it up so fast.  He is really good.

 Nate loves this picture.  He said that Link moves his mouth to the side when he is concentrating. 
 Ethan was so happy that he was better than his MOM!  
We had an amazing weekend!  All four of us were so sad when we left.  
This is our last trip to Bavaria. 

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