Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lincoln's Fun Week at School

 Lincoln's class celebrated the 100th day of school, President's Day, and Valentine's Day last week.  
 On the 100th day of school, the kids spent the day doing lots of activities.  
It was a jam packed fun day!
 We took pictures of the kids and uploaded them into an app called Aging booth.  
It transformed their pictures into what the kids would like years later!   
The kids wrote a story about what their life would be like at 100 years old.  
 The boys loved stacking 100 cups.  They worked together so well.  
 Sadly, it was the Lamar boys last day of school.  
 On President's Day, President Abraham Lincoln led the morning calendar work.  
 They worked so hard on their Lincoln and Washington faces and writing activity.  
 By Friday, they were ready for some Valentine's Day fun!  I loved watching them play Bingo.  It was hilarious to hear their cheers and groans when the numbers were called out.  
Lincoln scored in the Valentine department!

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