Monday, January 19, 2015

Ski School

 The boys and I went to ski school on Saturday in Garmisch.  
 Ethan picked it up pretty quickly and really had fun!
 I was able to sit by Ethan at lunch.  He was so happy and hungry!  
He ate an adult size schnitzel and fries for lunch!  
 I saw Link right after lunch and he had big tears in his eyes.  He was trying to be brave, but he was not having fun.  Once class was over at 2:30, we took a break with Nate and Shane.  We sat for about 45 minutes.  The boys and I went back to the kiddie slope and both boys gave it another go.  Link was so happy.  When Nate came by to get us, Link said he enjoyed skiing by himself and that he didn't like the education part!  :)  

Ethan and I celebrated that I didn't break a leg!
We were all exhausted and sore!!!  We enjoyed getting those snow boots off and relaxing!

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