Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 I was the only girl out of five guys this weekend!  It was a good weekend.  The sports talk was at a  minimum and one night I even got a break as the four guys went for dessert in the hotel restaurant.  
 The little boys cold NOT keep out of the snow on Sunday.  As you can see here, Nate is getting on to Ethan for getting in the snow.  I think Nate told Ethan no less than 50 times to get out of the snow.  Sunday evening he had to wear sweats to dinner because his pants were so wet from the snow.  
 Here Lincoln told me to get a picture of him under the snow and 
hopefully the snow would fall on his head.  
I just caught him standing knee deep in the snow.  
That evil grin is because he got out before I could yell at him!  
In hindsight, I should have put snow pants on them!

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