Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tongeren, Belgium

Bri and I went to Tongeren, Belgium this weekend for their weekly antique flea market.
We were both surprised to learn that Tongeren was established in 15 BC by the Romans.  The city has part of a stone wall still intact.

Neither of us had anything specific in mind to buy.  But, we did have somewhat high expectations.  We had heard lots of great things about this market.
I don't think a 2009 Astra Zeneca poster qualifies as antique!
If you wanted a demijohn, you could find one about every 20 feet!  
There were lots of dead animals for sale.  I have never seen so many dead turtles in all my life! 
 We also saw lots of bear skin rugs!  
We went into an actual antique store.  This piece was amazing!!  
I don't think it would have fit in my car!
This beautiful Swedish Mora clock was my favorite find of the day!
I am hoping to find one of these at the Ramstein Bazaar this week!  
This piece was also gorgeous.  It would look amazing with the clock and hutch!  
Out back the yard was filled with old tiles!  It would be fun to add to a paved patio.
I wasn't super impressed with the market.   If you wanted an old brass candlestick, a porcelain knick knack, or an English tea set, this was the place for you!  
These are two of my three purchases.  I took the picture from the webcam and iPhoto does not have a mirror function.  The book is a 1924 book in ENGLISH about Old Ships! I knew the boys would love it!  The teapot is a Villeroy and Boch brand new teapot.  I thought it was cute and we need a new teapot!  After researching the teapot at home, I learned it sells for over $100.  I paid 15 euro!  I had no clue!   I just lucked out.  I bought one more thing, but it's a gift for my dad.  Nate laughed and said, "Oh you bought your dad a used old gift!"  I like to think it's an antique! :)
I learned a valuable lesson this trip.  I think that I like new items that look antique!  

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Brianne said...

Fun pics, and a fun trip! And yep, I'm with you... Unless it's over 400-500 euro (i.e. the beautiful hutches and mora clocks etc) I think I like the new stuff better too. ;) No dead turtles or rusty coffee tins for me.