Monday, September 29, 2014

Ethan's 10th B/day Sleepover

 Ethan had his three best friends over for an early b/day celebration.
 This cake was going to be the death of me.  This was the second attempt. Thank goodness it tasted great!  Ethan was very adamant about having a homemade cake with Dad's buttercream icing.  
 It was a NERF bday.  He received bullets, a new gun, and a gift card to buy more nerf!
 I found a few minute to win it games.  During this game, they had to use straws to pick up skittles and move them to their plate at the other end of the table.  
 This game was hilarious!  They had to get the oreo in their mouth, but couldn't use their hands!  
 I love this photo!
 Here, they had to build a pyramid with 15 cups and then restack them!  Ethan has been playing with the these cups since Saturday night.  
 No one was able to complete this one.  They had to keep two balloons in the air for a minute.  
 I laughed and laughed with this one.  They wore pantyhose with a tennis ball in the end.  
They had to knock down the water bottles.  
 Each kid had a different strategy.  

 No one completed this one either.  They had to pull all the tissues out one at a 
time with only one hand.  

 The boys called this one junk in the trunk.  We put marshmallows in the tissue boxes, and they had to dance around to empty the boxes.  
 Success from all!
The boys were not super excited to play the games at first.  They wanted video games and nerf, but in the end they all loved the games and had fun!!
Memaw and Pappy will be here on Ethan's actual bday!  I guess the tenth bday deserves two parties!

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