Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Week of School

 Lincoln's class put on an end of the year celebration on Tuesday.  
 Each kid answered four questions.  1.  What did you learn?  2.  What was your favorite part? 3.  What would you have done differently?  4.  What would you like to learn in second grade?  
 Lincoln and Ms. Smith.
 Today, the kids had a half day of school.  The morning was all fun!  They had a pep rally in the cafeteria.  When I arrived, the teachers were competing in tug-of-war.  
 There was lots of dancing!!!
 I can't get enough of these two!  
 These two are a little too cool for me!
 The conga line!
 Once again, Lincoln pied Ms. Hudnall in the face!
 He enjoyed this too much!

I am so excited to spend this summer with them!!  

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