Friday, June 6, 2014

Field Day 2014

 Nate and I were able to attend Field Day today!  The little guys had the morning shift!
This year was set up a little differently.  Instead of each class moving station to station, they let the kids go to any station that they wanted and go as many times as they wanted.  Nate and I reminisced about our field days.  Tug-of-War was both of our favorites!
 Link and Julian LOVED the scooters.  I kept encouraging them to try something different.
 Mrs. Hudnall, Link's Kindergarten teacher from last year, raced him in the sack race!
 Sumo wrestling was my favorite one to watch!  This afternoon he told me he never 
won sumo wrestling because he was just too small.  
Then, he said its ok because being small has some good points too.  
When I asked what he thought was so good about being small, 
he said tiny people are good at the limbo!
 When the little guys were finished, Nate and I skipped out for sushi!  
We made it back for the older kids field day activities!  
Ethan loved squish, squish, squash. 
 It's basically duck, duck, goose with a wet sponge!  
It was hot today, so this was a perfect activity.
 I had to get in the tug-of-war fun!  
It looks like the girl in red is pulling too, but she's holding the other rope.  
 It was funny to see which activities the boys enjoyed.  They tried such different activities.  
Link never touched the bouncy balls.  
 Or the grab a marble with your toe activity.   We all had a great field day!  It was so much fun!
 We continued the fun when we got home!  I let them bust out the water guns!  
They added the shields for new level of war!!!
The boys found their jump ropes and Nate tried it out this evening!  
We had so much fun today that we may continue field day all weekend!  

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Brianne said...

So much fun!!! Thanks for being so great at documenting all of these memories.