Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pirate Party

Lincoln's birthday party was today!

We started the party off with a treasure hunt.  Some of Ethan's friends came with their younger siblings.  So, the big guys (and Sullivan-he is FIVE and can read!!!) read the clues for the group!

 The clues took them all over the playground.
 I was so happy that Lincoln was the one that found the treasure!
 It was 90 degrees today.  After the treasure hunt, the kiddos cooled off with some lunch!
 The pirate princess took a little nap.
 These scalawags loved giving me the pirate look!
 The pirate cake and grog was so yummy!
 After filling their bellies, they sword fought on the plank!
This fella loaded up on the presents!  Our little family has some fantastic friends!
This little sweetie had the best birthday weekend!  I am so proud of him and can't believe he is FIVE!!


Dop37 said...

Is it wrong to say I don't want your kids to grow up? I love reading about their stories and adventures! I don't want them to get older! haha! :)

mandee75 said...

I don't want them to grow up, either! They are at the PERFECT age!!