Friday, April 27, 2012

Look who's FIVE

 Late last night Nate and I decorated Link's door.  We set the alarm 30 minutes early to catch him opening the door.  Unfortunately, the stinker, woke up five minutes before the alarm.  He rushed in our room and said, "Guys someone put paper on my door." I asked him how he got out of his room. He said, "I layed on the floor and crawled out!"  I made him crawl back in and bust out!!!
 We met Nate for a fun lunch out!  He enjoyed his hotdog, mac-n-cheese, and fries!!!
 After lunch we picked Mar up from the airport and Ethan from school.  Once everyone was home, he opened his presents!
 We told him today was HIS day and he could pick dinner and get cupcakes (his party is Sunday).  He chose Mellowmushroom and Gigi's!
We ended the night watching Ethan play ball!  As we were walking to the car, Link looks at Mar and says, "Mar, have you had fun with me today?"  We all said YES!!!!

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