Sunday, November 20, 2011

Heading to Texas

Nate has school until Wednesday and Ethan doesn't, so I decided to take the fellas on a road trip to Texas.

Our first stop was at a Casino in Biloxi, MS.  Seriously, the hotel was DIRT cheap!  I payed $48!  We quickly found out WHY the hotel was dirst cheap when we arrived.  SMOKE, SMOKE, and more SMOKE!  Our NON-SMOKING room reaked of smoke.  When I called the front desk, the lady told me she would send up an ozone machine, but we had to be out of the room for an hour.  Our hotel had a restaurant, so we went to dinner.  On the way to dinner, we were smoked on in the elevator, the hall, and the restaurant! was cheap! The hotel had an arcade, so we killed some more time after dinner.
 Ethan still had some remnants of his cold from earlier in the week.  He begged to go to bed.  Link and I let him have his own bed. 
The next morning we jumped up and hit the road for Texas.
We stopped at the first Texas rest stop for a bathroom break and some pictures!

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