Sunday, November 20, 2011

The girlfriend

Our second stop was at my friend Abby's house.  Abby and I have remained friends for fourteen years.  We were both shocked to realize it has been fourteen years ago when my mother (without my knowledge) told Abby to come ask me out while I was at work.  I moved to Houston knowing one other person.  Abby knocked on my door that first Thursday and asked me to go out with her and we became fast friends!!! 
We have not seen each other since we had our kiddos and we were so excited for them to meet.  The boys fell in love.....literally.  They chased Kailen around trying to kiss her.  Link would yell, "Girlfriend, I am going to marry you."  Thankfully, Jason was at the deer lease and didn't see any of this.  I think we may have had to look for a hotel!  Abby and I are just excited that one day we may be related!

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