Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor day weekend

The Leaps took over the Brogan's house this weekend! My children fell in love with Morgan and Conner. We barely saw them all weekend because they played in Morgan's room the whole time.Of course, it wouldn't be a weekend to the beach without a little tropical depression.
There was a small break in the storm bands Saturday morning. Nate and I quickly grabbed the kids and headed to the beach. We "thought" that the kids could dig in the sand and splash in the water for a little bit. What we didn't think about were the 20-30 mile an hour winds. The sand started stinging their little legs. The three little ones started crying and screaming. I saw Link's shoe flying down the beach. He had kicked them off because they were sandy. Nate, Conner, and I got the giggles so bad. We stayed about five minutes and made a mad dash back to the car.
Thank goodness we were with great company this weekend and didn't need NO STINKING BEACH!!

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