Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Game

 The boys had their FIRST soccer game today! 
I am not sure if I had more fun or the fellas?
This is  Link's teammate, Daniel.  These two had an instant connection within the first minute of practice last week.  Today, they were stuck like glue.  During the first break, they came up and told me that they were the bad guys and the blue team were the good guys!

 Since their games are at the exact same time every week, Nate and I decided to switch at half time.  WOW!!!! I went to watch Ethan's team and boy was it a different level of play!!!
 I think once Ethan becomes a little more confident with the rules of the game, he will do great!
 He did such a great job of hustling out there!
He seemed to really enjoy it!

I took some video.  Check it out on Youtube.

Ethan's game 
Link and Daniel
Link's game
Link's game

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