Monday, July 25, 2011

Marilyn's B/day!

Marilyn has been working super hard keeping the kids busy and helping us unpack and get the house together. We tried to make the weekend a little less stressful. On Friday, I took her to get her nails done. One of the bad things about moving is that everywhere you go is a new experience. We tried a nail salon pretty close to the house. It was HORRIBLE. They spoke in another language the entire time. For some reason, Mar and I had the two people that talked the entire time. It was so bad; Mar's guy cut her nails down to the quick. Then, he forgot to paint them. We wanted to get out of their so bad we didn't go back to get them painted. Luckily, the cake turned out great. We took her to dinner at Outback. I am hoping that we made up for the bad nail experience!
This afternoon Ethan asked if it was still Mar's b/day. I told him no it was over yesterday. He said, "Ah man...I love it when it's Mar's b/day!"

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