Sunday, July 17, 2011


It seems that we have lucked out AGAIN on our hotel selection. This time the hotel we booked was full, so they paid for an adjoining room with a suite next door. We had a great room!! The next morning we headed to the Coca-Cola museum. Many people recommended this as a "must do" in Atlanta. My boys do not drink soda. They say it's "hot." So, I wasn't sure how they would like the museum, but I think they enjoyed the time out of the car!
We saw a quick tour on how the Coke was bottled. We watched a couple of movies. These are the new coke characters. The last movie was 4D. Our chairs moved and we were squirted with water (coke).
We ended the tour by tasting 60 varieties of sodas from around the world.
A quick tip. If you ever in Italy, stay away from the soda named BEVERLY!!!!
We had so many recommendations for restaurants. Nate found out that Richard Blais from Top Chef has two burger "boutiques" in Atlanta. We are HUGE fans of Spikes, Good Stuff, so we made a stop at Flip Burger. It was good! I still enjoy Spike's the best, BUT Marilyn enjoyed Flip Burger better!

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