Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leviticus VBS

Our VBS this week is based on Biblical feasts such as Passover. Jason has been doing the lesson each night for the kids. Last night, he laughed and said this may be the only VBS based on Leviticus. Luckily, the kids seem to be really enjoying it. Here Jason is about to pour water over this poor kid as he taps on the the rock. Later, he pretended to saw this poor girl with a REAL saw. She was the sacrifice. Like I said, the kids seem to really enjoy the stories!
Last night, I kept sneaking into Ethan's room with the camera. I wanted to make sure that he has some VBS memories on record!!!
He posed for me each time I came in!
Link didn't mind posing during crafts!!! The kids have become much more comfortable with us. Tonight, they were even a little WILD!!!

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