Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday was our last day with Lanier. She has picked Ethan up every Monday for us. She also has been our go-to weekend sitter when we've needed her. She's one of those people you meet and instantly feel like you've known her your whole life! We are going to miss her terribly!
After she left, the boys went out for bike rides. I decided that Nate is going to have to be the one who teaches Link to drive. He crashed his tricycle three times. How in the world do you crash a tricycle?? He also pedals up hill and stops mid-hill to ring his bell. He's hilarious!
Tonight I went in to tell him goodnight. As I was leaving his asks me to sing him a song. I sing Do Lord and then tell him goodnight. A few minutes later he calls me back in. He says, "Mom that Do Lord song was boring. Sing me another song. How about Jesus loves the little children?" I love that crazy kid!

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