Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We spent two full days at Universal. 

We made a mad dash to the Harry Potter section!  
It was AMAZING!  My pictures do not do it justice.  
Our first ride was Forbidden Journey.  The ride was unlike any ride I had ever been on.  It was part simulator part coaster!  It was fantastic! 
The line was even awesome!  The line took you through the Herbology classroom and the Castle. 
Once we finished the ride, we rushed over to Olivander's to buy wands.  
The boys each got an interactive wand.  
Link got a special wand chosen especially for him and Ethan got a Death Eater wand.  
It was lunch time and we enjoyed Butterbeer and fish and chips at Hogsmeade.  
We spent the next few hours just walking around trying out wands and checking everything out.

Then, we took the Hogwart's Express to other side of the park.  

The boy's loved trying out their wands.  
I loved watching all of the interactive pieces move.  
We had so much fun on day 1.  We were super excited for day 2.  
We started day 2 off in Diagon Alley.  
We rushed to ride Escape from Gringotts.  This ride had 90 minute wait when the park opened, but like the day before the line went quickly because of all the cool things to look at in line.  
After the ride, we walked around Diagon Alley some more.  
The boys brought their wands back and tried more interactive windows.  

We rode Gringotts one more time before lunch.  
We had MORE butterbeer!
Link and I enjoyed bangers!
E had fish and chips and Nate had shepherd's  pie.  We ate very good this trip.

After HOURS at Harry Potter again, we left and tried some of the other rides in the park.  Link and Nate rode a few rides while Ethan and I enjoyed walking around.  
We LOVED Universal!  It was a great trip!  

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