Tuesday, August 30, 2016


 We took one last hurrah before school started.  
We took the fellas to Atlanta to enjoy a ballgame and Six Flags.  
We started our trip off enjoying hotdogs at Varsity. 
 We had a some time before the ballgame so we went to visit Jimmy Carter's library.
 Nate said we only had two opportunities to see the Pirates play in Atlanta, so we booked a hotel within walking distance and got to the game early!
 It was HOT!!!  We took a quick walk around the stadium and 
found that our seats were in the shade!  YAY!
 Nate and I had a great time.  Unfortunately, the Pirates lost and the fellas were NOT happy about it!
 Thankfully, we had a Six Flags the next day!
 We made the most of the day and spent half of our time at the water park!
 We got an early start home.  Atlanta is only 2 1/2 hours away so we 
decided to make a detour to visit DeSoto Caverns.  
It was nice and cool in the cave and we had a great tour!  
We had a great break!  

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