Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in McDade

 Surprise, surprise!  The boys started their trip to Papa's with a ride on the mule!  Dad took them separately because Link is a horrible driver and scares Ethan!
 Ethan is a much better driver!
 This guy loves to pick on his Papa!  Papa taught the boys how to play hearts.  
They loved trying to beat him.  
 Josh bought the boys nerf guns so the fellas had a nerf war in the pasture.  

 We told them at least 10 times to not shoot near the pond.  They only had 5 bullets each.
Lincoln shot one in the pond and 10 seconds later shot another one.  Thankfully, it was windy.  Nate and I went to the other side of the pond and waited.  Nate retrieved them both.  
Gale's mom made TONS of cookies and brought them over to us.  Then Brenda, Gale's sister, brought crafts and Alexis over.  They made crafts and then played frisbee outside!
 The weather was amazing for our whole visit.    
We all loved spending time with Dad and Gale in the country!  

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