Saturday, October 10, 2015

Survivor Party

Ethan has been planning a Survivor Birthday party for months.  
 He invited his class and his friend Jack (and his brother and sister).  The teams drew buffs.
 Ethan named the tribes, but Nate and I couldn't remember the names, so we called them blue and red.

 The first challenge was the water challenge.  
 We may have drilled a few too many holes in the buckets.  We had to move the last bucket a lot closer or this game would have lasted all night.  
 Everyone was soaked by the end!
 Up next was the gross food challenge.  
We started with "cow's tongue" or spam!
Almost everyone gave it a try.  
Next up was "chicken hearts" or beets!
 Most everyone ate this too.  I loved their reactions.
 Lincoln said he loved them both, but this was his face!
The final food was crickets.  We had bacon flavored and sour cream and onion flavored crickets.
 This one was harder for some of them!  They were very unsure!
 A few of the kids had their cell phones and they started videoing this part.  
 Lincoln tried all three!
Next up was the bean bag toss.  They had to throw the bean bag into the rungs of the ladder for different points. 
 This was more difficult than I thought, but it was very fun!
 I loved the memory challenge.  The reason I loved it was Mirette, the first grader, won for the blue team!  She beat out five sixth graders!
 The red team ultimately won!  I was super proud of her though!
 My very favorite challenge was the blind fold challenge.  Cameron used a cu-caw sound to have his team follow him.  It was HILARIOUS!
 It worked perfectly!
 Once the teams retrieved all of their bags, they had to rush back for the puzzle.  
 I found some amazing world maps and they had to put the map back together.  
 We also hid an immunity idol for extra points.  
At the end of the challenges, blue beat red by five points.  It was so close!
 The kids worked up an appetite!
 I love my girls!
 Survivor cake!
 Either he asked for all money and gift cards, or middle schoolers only do gift cards and money!
 This was the best group of kids.  It was so fun.
I am hoping that they are tired since two are spending the night!
Happy Birthday, Ethan!

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