Saturday, July 25, 2015

San Antonio

Nate and I spent ten days in San Antonio for a conference and school tours.  
 We spent the first four days in a classroom sitting and listening.  On our last conference day, we were able to go to a Basic Training Graduation! 
 This one was special because it was General Rand's last graduation.
 After the graduation, we went and had lunch with six week basic trainees.  
It was one of the coolest experiences!  
 On Monday and Tuesday, Nate and I toured training squadrons all over San Antonio.  It was so neat to see where the basic trainees would be going after graduation.
 On Saturday, Dad and Gale met us and we drove all over San Antonio. We made a quick trip the Our Lady of the Lake to see if anything had changed since 2000.  NOPE!  Everything was still the same!
 We enjoyed breakfast and lunch with Dad and Gale before they headed back to McDade.
 During the weekend, Nate and I also went to the Riverwalk!  It was so HOT
We also met up with my girl, GENEVA!  We were lucky enough to meet her fiancee before we return in a few weeks for her wedding!  
We had such a great ten days, but we were both missing the boys so badly!

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