Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dr. Seuss Day

Friday was Dr. Seuss Day at school.  The boy's dressed up as their favorite book character.
Those that dressed up were in the character book parade at school.
I loved his spiky hair.  I wish he would let me do it more often.  
He was yelling for some crazy reason!
Friday evening, we attended the school's Dr. Seuss Night.  
We enjoyed green eggs, ham, and pancakes!

The boys scarfed down their food to get to the centers!
Of course, we have to have cupcakes after pancakes!
These poor boys take after their momma.  They can't hulu hoop either!
They loved the prize walk.  I had to kick them out so someone else would have a turn!
We ended the night with a story from good ole Mr. Woodfork!  It was a super fun night!

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