Monday, February 3, 2014

Field Trip to AFN

On Friday, Lincoln's class went to AFN.  AFN stands for the Armed Forces Network.  
 This AFN building has a TV and radio studio.  We were super excited to see how both worked!
 The kids started off learning about the TV studio.
 We had a great guide at AFN!  He was super funny and let the kids try everything out!
Lincoln enjoyed making faces in the camera!
 Julian got to try out the microphone.
 Mrs. Smith gave them note pads to take notes.
 Next up was the radio studio.  
 Our guide let the kids pick a song and play it over the speakers.  
 It was fun to see what each kiddo picked as their favorite song.  
Lincoln picked Sean Kingston's Fire Burning.
 Our last stop was in the actual studio.  This is the DJ.  
He let them take a quick peek before saying hello to them on the radio!
 Our guide was super funny!  He quickly learned the way to get them to pay attention.  Within the first five minutes he said "poopy face."  After that, they were all ears!!!!  
I love that the kids go to school on base.  It leads to so many great walking field trips.  Tomorrow, I am going into Link's class to talk about my profession!  

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