Sunday, June 9, 2013

Field Day

 On Friday, the fellas had field day!  Link's class had the morning activities, and Ethan had the afternoon activities!
 I was assigned a station, but there were a lot of volunteers so I abandoned my station and followed Link's class around for pictures.  As I was looking for him, I hear "You're Under ARREST!"  It sounded an awful lot like my child.  Sure enough, I found Link in the police car!
 Field day was on the brand new field next to their school.  The field was so nice.  Here Link had to put  on oversized clothes and race to the finish line.
 By the afternoon, I was baking!  We've been begging for warm weather and it arrived on Friday!  In this picture, Ethan is using his new running strategies during the rubber chicken relay race!
 Galaxy ball was a big hit with all the classes.
 We were all wishing we were in the dunking booth by the end of the afternoon.
 The big FINALE, was the pie in your face!  Mrs. Hudnall was picked for a pie in the face and Lincoln was lucky/unlucky enough to be the one to throw it.  He was so cute!
I made his pose for a picture with her and after the picture, he said, "I just realized she rubbed her face on me so I would be sticky too!"  It was so cute!  Field Day was so fun, but we were so exhausted by the end of the day!  We all slept good!

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